Battlefield 2142 Brought Back To Life By Fans



While most people are looking forward to the October release of Battlefield 1, some fans have been working to bring Battlefield 2142 back to life. 

You might recall that the futuristic shooter (released in 2006) lost official online multiplayer support in 2014 with the shutdown of GameSpy, which essentially ended the game.

Of course, when a gamer wants something done they usually find a way to do it themselves, and a small group has successfully managed to bring Battlefield 2142 back online.

Thanks to the project known as Battlefield 2142 Revive, online functionality has been restored, with their site recording that hundreds of people are playing at any given time, with the current peak being at just over 600 at once.

While that might not be a massive number, it’s more than enough to have multiple, massive matches going off at the same time. Super impressive, given that Revive has only been available for a few days.


Revive isn’t the first attempt to bring back a game that was affected by the closure of GameSpy, but this is certainly the most reliable way to play Battlefield 2142 again.

If you fancy scratching your sci-fi shooter itch (and have something against Call of Duty), then you can download all of the required files to play from the Revive website.

The above link includes the game itself, as well as all of the expansions, so there is a chance that EA will step in and shut it down at some point.

Still, we might as well enjoy it while we can – with Battlefield 1 taking the franchise to the First World War, who knows when we’ll see DICE head to the future again?