Battlefield 4’s Completely Free, Community-Designed DLC Goes Live Today


Just when you though Battlefield 4 couldn’t get any more addictive, DICE are introducing a new community made map as free DLC, two years after the game’s release.

Operation Community might sound like being forced to pick up litter with your creepy neighbours, but thankfully, it’s just Battlefield 4‘s brand new community made expansion pack. The update is available today, and is completely free to everyone across all platforms.


Starting life back in February 2015, Operation Community is a collaboration between DICE and the Battlefield 4 community based completely around user feedback.

Operation Outbreak focuses on a medical facility, an ancient temple and a waterfall deep in the jungle. While the map is mainly for infantry, players will be able to use some vehicles like quad bikes and the RHIB to nip around on.

The Community Operations DCL map follows the recently released Night Operations DLC and will be accompanied by Battlefield 4‘s autumn update.