Battlefield Devs Slam Infinite Warfare Trailer For ‘2010 Graphics’

by : Ewan Moore on : 04 May 2016 12:59

Battlefield developer DICE have thrown some serious shade at Infinity Ward for their Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare trailer.


It was a big day for Call of Duty (though most fans were just excited about the Modern Warfare remake). That didn’t stop a few of the chaps over at Battlefield from going all Mean Girls on them.

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DICE Video & Media Editor Roland Smedberg reacted to the Infinite Warfare trailer on Twitter, calling it “quaint” and even criticising the lighting in the clip. Yeah! lighting banter.

The tweets have since been taken down, but this is the internet – where mad impulses and regretful choices are preserved forever, just to haunt you. Have some screenshots.

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You’ve probably heard that the Battlefield team are gearing up to announce their own new entry this Friday (May 6) at 9pm UK time, and old Roland seems confident that they’re gonna smash it.

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Meanwhile, Randy Evans got in on the fun. He’s the man behind the upcoming Battlefield reveal trailer, and attacked Infinite Warfare for looking like a 10 year old game.

Julian Manolov, an engineer at DICE LA, also brought some shade of his own, claiming that the trailer was 3 and a half minutes of CG, and requested a link to some actual gameplay.

A twist in the tale though, as Roland actually apologised on Twitter in the end, saying his earlier comments were just a stupid mistake.


To be honest, I’m pretty sure that if he hadn’t been pulled up on the Tweets by someone, he wouldn’t have said sorry.

You can take a look at the maligned trailer below. Don’t stab me in the face for being wrong, but I think it looks alright.

Oh, and personally, I’m not too fussed how a game looks as long as it actually works at launch *cough* Battlefield 4 *cough*

Well, this Battlefield 5 trailer better be really, really fucking good, or the guys and girls at DICE are going to have serious egg on their faces.

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