Battlefield V’s Battle Royale Mode Won’t Arrive Until 2019


When Battlefield V launches on November 20, it will do so without Firestorm – EA’s own battle royale mode for the shooter, and one they hope can rival Fortnite, as well as CoD’s own Blackout. 

DICE has confirmed that instead, this highly anticipated feature – along with co-op mode – will arrive as part of EA’s Tides of War post launch update plan, which will be released between January and March 2019.

Obviously this is a bit of a bummer for anyone expecting Firestorm to arrive with the game at launch. In fairness, neither EA nor DICE ever promised that their battle royale mode would come at launch, but I think most of assumed it would be the case, especially since Black Ops IIII launched with Blackout.

Of course, Battlefield V itself was already delayed a month from its original October release date, following feedback from the closed alphas – and perhaps to avoid launching so close to Black Ops IIII and Red Dead Redemption II.

There’s every chance that Firestorm – which is being developed by Criterion Games and not DICE – was never intended to launch with the game. Then again, if they want it to stand alongside the multiplayer and single player modes a genuinely polished experience, then perhaps they just need the extra time.

Combined Arms – the game’s co-op story mode – will arrive in January, while we won’t be seeing Firestorm until March. Could this move keep players more invested in the game in the long term, or will the staggered launch simply cause people to lose interest?