Bethesda Denies Rumours Fallout 76 Is Going Free To Play

by : Ewan Moore on : 23 Jan 2019 11:44

Bethesda has taken to Twitter to shoot down a persistent rumour that the much-maligned Fallout 76 would soon be going free to play, after reports emerged that physical copies of the game were in short supply in Australia. 


To most, it looked as if this free to play rumour was nothing more than wild speculation based on unverified reports, but it had got so bad the publisher felt the need to confirm themselves that Fallout 76 would not be making the switch to a free to play model, by responding to a particularly disgruntled customer.

Fallout 76 has had a pretty rough time of it since launching in October. The idea of an online multiplayer Fallout is one I personally think has a ton of potential, but the critical consensus seemed to be that the idea just wasn’t executed well enough.

In our own review, I called Fallout 76 an “aggressively average multiplayer survival game that’s more fun with friends in the same way that having a mate perform open heart surgery on you makes that experience slightly more tolerable.” I didn’t really like it, in other words.


Still, there is a smattering of players that have managed to find and/or make their own genuine fun in this brave new Fallout game, so more power to you if you’re getting something out of the experience other than disappointment.

Bethesda hasn’t commented further on the free to play situation, and to be fair, there really isn’t much more to say other than it isn’t happening.

Whether or not such a move happens years down the line remains to be seen, but two months after launch would constitute yet another PR nightmare for Fallout 76. I reckon Bethesda has had quite enough of those for now.

Ewan Moore

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