Bethesda Discuss Rage And The Evil Within Sequels


The Evil Within and Rage were two excellent games from Bethesda that apparently sold well enough to justify sequels – it’s just not clear when, or if those sequels will happen. 

Marketing executive Pete Hines recently told that he can’t get into what may or may not be going on at Bethesda right now, but that the company hasn’t forgotten about those two games.

He explained:

I do think both The Evil Within and Rage did well enough that we could make sequels. Personally I loved Rage and had a ton of fun playing it, but we have a lot of stuff in the pipeline right now so you will have to wait and see.

The Evil Within was an excellent survival horror game from Resident Evil creator Shinji Mikami and the Bethesda-owned studio Tango Gameworks. There were rumours that a sequel would surface during E3 2016, but this never came to be.

Rage (not to be confused with the Nick Cage movie of the same name) was developed by id Software (of DOOM fame) and came out in 2011. We were told a sequel would happen before the original game even launched, but it’s five years and we haven’t heard a peep.

In other Bethesda sequel news, Hines recently confirmed that Elder Scrolls VI is definitely not in active development, so we should probably stop asking.