Bethesda Launch Huge Fallout Sale With Heaps Of Themed Swag


Now you can become a walking Fallout billboard, just like your parents had always hoped! Honestly though, this stuff is cool as hell.

Dubbed the ‘Great War Sale’ event on Bethesda’s online store, the week-long event is going to see some pretty gnarly Fallout merch available direct from the devs.

The mega-sale includes 20% off Fallout-themed Xbox One controllers, T-shirts, hoodies, artwork, bags,¬†Vault Boy condoms and more. Okay, there aren’t any Vault Boy condoms, but there definitely should be.


The sale also includes non-Fallout themed stuff from Bethesda’s other games like¬†Doom shirts and an awesome ‘I hate Morndas’ Skyrim mug.


The sale will run until October 26, pulling up just short of Fallout 4‘s release date of November 10.