Bethesda Speak Out About Fallout 4: Far Harbor Issue


Bethesda has revealed that it is “actively working on more improvements” for the recent Fallout 4 expansion, Far Harbor. 

The DLC came out May 19, but both the developer and the fans are all too aware that it’s not quite up to scratch in terms of performance.


In a forum post, Bethesda said the version of Far Harbor that launched on May 19 was improved over the earlier beta version (as you would hope), but that hasn’t stopped problems with frame rate perhaps owing to the lighting and atmospheric effects such as fog.

Bethesda said:

We made optimizations based on the Far Harbor beta feedback, but understand some people are experiencing issues. We are actively working on more improvements.

That’s all they had to say on the matter. Presumably they’re too busy sorting it out to go into more detail, which is fine with me.

Far Harbor is the biggest Fallout 4 expansion to date, and actually the biggest chunk of land that Bethesda has ever made as DLC.

It’s the game’s third slice of post game content so far, following the decently fun Automatron and Wasteland Workshop expansions.

Bethesda has also told fans to stay tuned for news of more DLC to come through the year. Whatever it ends up being, Season Pass holders get it for free.

I hope it’s more settlements that need our help, personally.