Bethesda ‘Working On Official Game Of Thrones Video Game’


Game Of Thrones may be dormant for the next year or two, however as if the hit franchise couldn’t get any bigger, a potential video game could soon see players walking through Westeros themselves.

Bethesda, who have produced such colossal epics as the Fallout, Wolfesntein, and the Elder Scrolls series are thought to be working on two new gaming projects as we speak.

Rumour has it one of those is based on Game of Thrones, according to Forbes.

So just where has this rumour stemmed from? Huge U.S. shopping chain, Target, have an advertising page on their website for ‘Bethesda: Game of Thrones’. Huge hint, leak, or a gargantuan mistake?


Logistically it sure makes sense. Why wouldn’t HBO want to cash in as much as possible on the elephantine show while it’s at the peak of its popularity.

If the rumour turns out to be true, judging from Bethesda’s previous games, players will be able to explore and roam in a vast and beautiful Westeros world, where there’ll also be countless quests and adventures to steep into too.

The game would probably also feature hundreds of the characters you already know and love from Game of Thrones but in a way like never before.


Unfortunately for now there are no pictures of the game in action nor is there any further information so only time will tell if this beast will be coming out soon.

Hopefully this isn’t too good to be true.