Beyond Good & Evil To Go Free On PC As Sequel Enters Pre-Production


It’s a pretty good week to be a fan of the Ubisoft cult hit Beyond Good & Evil.

Not only has a slew of concept art for the long-gestating sequel been shared by developer Michel Ancel, but the excellent original is also set to be free on PC from next week.

Bear in mind that this is part of the Ubisoft Club promotion, so you’ll need a uPlay account (and PC, obviously) to get in the fun from October 12.

Beyond Good & Evil first launched in 2003. I wouldn’t call it underrated, as everyone who played the action/adventure saw what a fantastic game it was – but it definitely didn’t get played by enough people.

Perhaps that’s part of the reason it’s taken 13 years (and counting) to get a damn sequel up and running. All fans have had for over a decade are a scant few pieces of concept art, such as this one from back in 2008.


However, developer Michael Ancel has really been gearing up of late, dropping an insane three pieces of concept art in the past few days – is our long dark winter finally over?

While you mull it over, check out the concept art – along with official confirmation that the game is in pre-production – below.

Endangered species – now saved – Game in pre-production – Stay tuned !

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“Ready for the fight ” independence #ubisoft day

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Somewhere in system 4 … – Thanks #ubisoft for making this possible !

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Some of the more persistent recent rumours suggest that Beyond Good & Evil 2 will be exclusive to the Nintendo NX – a machine Ubisoft has been very busy talking up lately.

With the NX finally stepping out of the shadows before the end of October (reportedly), it might well be the case that Beyond Good & Evil 2 intends to do the same – we can only hope.