Bidding War Sparked Over Live-Action Pokemon Movie Rights


So it turns out that the Pokemon Company has been meeting with Hollywood studios to launch a big-screen, live-action version of the franchise – because they don’t have enough of our money already.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, Legendary Entertainment could come out on top, beating out Warner Bros, although Sony are also reportedly interested in coming in and rebooting the franchise ten times in a single film.

Legendary is owned by China’s Dalian Wanda Group, which could cause controversy if they were to make Pokemon (an iconic Japanases property). Japanese movies were actually banned in China for the past three years, and have only recently been approved for release.

There’s also historical tension between the two countries, but if anything can help us all get along, it’s Pokemon. 

But the real question is how would live action Pokemon even work? I suppose the obvious solution is real humans and CGI ‘monbut I dare whoever gets the rights to go the other way; Give us Michael Keaton and Edward Norton crawling around in felt Pokemon costumes, while CGI humans cheer them on.

Or, you know, just remake Pokemon: The First Movie , which was actually released by Warner Bros in 1999. Hot damn, that movie was the nuts.