Bill Gates Gives The Greatest Secret Santa Gifts Ever


Microsoft founder Bill Gates is a very talented man, but who could’ve guessed that these talents extended to being the greatest Secret Santa around? 

Obviously the process of Secret Santa can often be nothing short of a pain – you’re usually given a budget and the name of someone you might not even know very well, and you’re suddenly expected to spin Christmas magic from nothing.


Each year, the good people of Reddit sign up to a massive, worldwide Secret Santa – though there’s always a chance you might not get anything back.

This was the case last year with Redditor Aerrix, but undeterred, she tried again. Safe to say she hit the jackpot when she received a massive box of goodness from Bill Gates himself.

Posting on Reddit Gifts, Aerrix recalls her excitement when the postman came calling:

He dropped of this freakin HUGE BOX and I saw c/o Aerrix on it and I just started flipping out! I had no idea what it could be and I was just SO EXCITED. I was ALSO confused because my Santa JUST SHIPPED YESTERDAY. This was a GIANT box, and overnighted…I was just…flabbergasted! I get the box inside and the pets had to inspect immediately. Pets for scale.


The massive crate of goodness was packed with all manner of gifts, including The Martian on DVD, a Cajun cookbook, an Xbox One/Minecraft bundle, three custom Xbox controllers, Rise of the Tomb Raider, and Halo 5.

Surprisingly, there was no PlayStation merch, but plenty of Nintendo treats, including a NES Classic Edition, and a ton of Zelda collectibles.

Take a look at the full collection of swag below (dog was already hers).


As if you need any further proof that Mr Bill Gates is an absolute legend, here it is. The Christmas is strong with this one.