Bioware Gauging Interest For A Dragon Age “Tactics” Game


Dragon Age executive producer Mark Darrah wants to know if you’d play a Dragon Age tactics game. No one else. Just you and him in a room playing, and spending some quality time together. Maybe a bowl of crisps to share, and a blanket for snuggles. 

Okay so the question was aimed at all Dragon Age fans, not just you. Sorry to ruin your Mark Darrah related fantasy. Darrah popped the question on Twitter, launching a poll where the options were “yes”, “no”, “only on PC” and “only on mobile/handheld”.

Darrah also stressed that by “tactics”, he means something along the lines of Fire Emblem or XCOM. As you can see above, 12, 415 votes were cast, with just under half deciding on a yes vote.

Of course, a Twitter poll is no guarantee that we’ll be seeing Dragon Age: Tactics anytime soon, but it’s good to know that Bioware are clearly thinking about it. Darrah clarified that any tactics based game would be a spinoff, and would not replace the core series of RPG adventuring.

The last game in the series was 2014’s Dragon Age Inquisition. Nothing new for the franchise has been announced since then.