Black Ops 4 Update Removes 9-Bang From Blackout, New Event Added


Call of Duty: Black Ops 4’s divisive flash grenade has now been completely pulled from Blackout, Treyarch has confirmed in a recent update. 

Blackout – new battle royale mode – has proven a popular addition to Black Ops 4, but the hate for the 9-bang flash grenade is far too real. The much-maligned weapon inspired a string of great 9-Bang memes on Reddit,


If you’ve played Blackout, you may well be familiar with the complaint that the 9-Bang was perhaps a little too effective at blinding people for a long period of time – something that becomes a particular pain towards the end of an intense battle royale.

I probably don’t need to tell you that being unable to see or move because you’ve been fit by a fully charged 9-Bang when you’re down to the final three or four players is a nuisance we could all do without, so it’s great that Treyarch has pulled it.

Don’t celebrate the end of the grenade just yet though, as Treyarch stated in the patch notes that the item has been so the team can “evaluate [the 9-Bang’s] place in the gameplay loop”.

There are a few more changes to Blackout in addition to the removal of the the 9-Bang, though. The update also includes the usual tweaks to gameplay and balance, and there’s a cool new limited event to get involved with.

The Blightfather from the Black Ops 4 Zombies mode will now be lurking in Blackout for a while. If you can track him and take him down during a match, you’ll manage to net a ton of cool gear. This spooky event is live now, and ends November 13.


There’s also the first 2X Tier Boost Weekend to look forward to, which begins this Friday (November 9) and will give players bonus XP in Multiplayer and Blackout, along with double the normal amount of Nebulium Plasma in Zombies.