Blaze Through Skyrim On A Dwarven Motorbike With This Incredible Mod

Arctic Scrolls/NexusMods

As much as I adore The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, I do have to admit that over my countless replays I’ve begun to get a little bored of trudging across the barren, snowy wastes of the mountainous province. 

Horses are supposed to be the quickest way to travel in the standard, un-modded versions of Bethesda’s open world classic, but let’s be honest, horses in Skyrim are just a bit crap.

Thankfully, a new mod has introduced a slick new way to travel from Whiterun to Winterhold in no time at all. Allow me to present to you, a genuine Dwarven motorcyle.

Likely inspired by Link’s sweet ride from The Legend of Zelda: Breath of Wild DLC, this wondrous machine can be found at Whiterun Stables once installed. The mod even comes with a Dwarven Automobile and a Dwarven Tractor, though those are less cool than a motorbike, for obvious reasons.

You can even choose whether you want your new ride to sound more like classic Dwarven machinery, or an actual real-life motorbike.

The only catch is that the motorbike seems to be a reskinned horse, so while it can move at impressive speeds and is indestructible, it will occasionally have a pop at nearby enemies. Still, it makes sense that if Skyrim was gonna have motorbikes, they’d be sentient ones possessed by the spirit of an ancient horse.


The fact that the Skyrim modding community continues to come out with genuinely surprising gems such as this is a real testament to the strength and enduring appeal of Bethesda’s seminal open world adventure.

God, I cannot wait for The Elder Scrolls VI.