Bloodborne 2 Could Be An Aztec-Themed PS5 Launch Title, According To New Rumours


Bloodborne 2 has been rumoured for a while now, but a compelling new theory provides an intriguing take that suggests we could be seeing a sequel to FromSoftware’s PS4 exclusive arrive as a launch title for the PlayStation 5. 

A few months back, fans spotted a couple of intriguing Bloodborne easter eggs tucked away in FromSoftware’s VR title Déraciné, leading many to believe that a sequel is indeed in the works at the Dark Souls studio.


Now, in an excellent new video from YouTuber and Dark Souls/Bloodborne fan VaatiVidya, those desperate for a follow up to the gothic PS4 horror game have been given fresh hope.

Vaati does a wonderful deepdive on the lore of both Déraciné and Bloodborne, and comes to some very intriguing conclusions as to what Bloodborne 2 could end up looking like.

You can check out the whole video for yourself below. It’s well worth taking a look, as this chap really knows his stuff.

In addition to the previously discovered Easter eggs that specifically reference the doll from Bloodborne, VaatiVidya also makes note of a book that can be found in Déraciné called Blood and Bones.

The Blood and Bones description reads:

This fabled land of gold, silver, and sacrifices owed both its rise and fall to its inhuman warriors. They applied face paint brewed from blood, giving them the strength of the gods, and carved up their own bones, crafting the weapons of the gods. Yet their legacy is neither here nor there.

Based on this book, Vaati speculates that Bloodborne 2 could potentially be a prequel, one with an Aztec setting that deals with the early days of Bloodborne’s hunt, and how it came to be.

Our humble host admits there are some tenuous links in there, but given that we can safely assume a Bloodborne 2 will arrive eventually, it’s cool to speculate exactly what that game could look like. As Vaati notes in the video, Aztec trick weaponry would be insanely cool.


As for the PlayStation 5, Sony has already announced that they’ve started work on the next PlayStation, and the fact the company is sitting out E3 2019 has given many industry analysts cause to believe that the PS5 is being prepped for a 2019/2020 launch.

FromSoftware is currently working on Sekrio: Shadows Die Twice, which comes to PS4, Xbox One, and PC on March 22, 2019. If the PS5 does launch in 2020, then From would need to already be working on Bloodborne 2 if it is to be a launch title.


Still, there’s no harm in dreaming, is there?