Borderlands 2 DLC Setting Up Borderlands 3 Reportedly Releasing Soon

Borderlands 2 DLC Setting Up Borderlands 3 Reportedly Releasing Soon2K Games

As we draw ever nearer to the September release date of Borderlands 3, it sounds as if the next few weeks might see the release of an extra special treat from developer Gearbox and Publisher 2K Games. 

Take this with a pinch of salt, but a new rumour suggests that Gearbox will be releasing some surprise DLC for Borderlands 2 that sets the scene for and allegedly directly leads into the events of Borderlands 3, which would obviously be a fantastic little something something for fans.


According to PlayStation Lifestyle, a “trusted” anonymous sources has revealed that the DLC is called Commander Lilith and the Fight for Sanctuary, and is set to release during E3, which is currently a mere two weeks away.

The suggestion is that this DLC will explore a lot of what goes down in the seven years between the two games, including how a lot of the returning characters such as Lilith and Tiny Tina end up where they do in Borderlands 3.

The alleged title of the DLC also implies that we might just find out why Sanctuary 3 is a spaceship, and not a city as the original Sanctuary was in Borderlands 2. It also suggests we’ll see just what happened to the mysterious Sanctuary 2, and why, as a secret message on one of the posters for Borderlands 3 reveals, we “don’t talk about” the second version of Sanctuary.

It’s all terribly exciting, and it looks like we don’t have long to wait at all to find out whether or not there’s any truth to these reports. I personally would very much welcome an excuse to return to Borderlands 2 while simultaneously whetting my whistle for the inevitable delights of Borderlands 3.


It certainly sounds like there’s a lot of lore to dig through when Borderlands 3 releases for PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC on September 13. We recently spoke with Randy Varnell, the Managing Producer of Narrative for Gearbox, who gave us some insight into just how much work has gone into building a cohesive world.

Among other things, he chatted to us about how the team’s approach to Borderlands 3 was inspired by the MCU, why it was time for Gearbox to hire a dedicated loremaster, and the importance of making each planet in the game feel like it has its own unique story to tell.


If you fancy diving into those subjects while we endure a painful wait over the next two weeks to see if the DLC rumours are true, you can head here.

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