Borderlands 3 Probably On The Way As 90% Of Gearbox Staff Are Working On It


It finally looks like Borderlands 3 is on its way and we couldn’t be more excited.

Of course this is only a rumour but looking at the evidence it appears that it certainly will be true.

Speaking at a PAX West panel in Seattle at the weekend, Gerabox CEO Randy Pitchford spoke about what his company is working on right now knowing full well he was cruelly teasing fans.

Borderlands 3 In Development

Are you ready for Borderlands 3? ?

Posted by UNILAD Gaming on Tuesday, 5 September 2017

Pitchford clearly stated during the panel that 90 per cent of Gearbox’s development team is ‘working on the thing that I think most of you guys want us to be working on’.

Since fans have been dying to see a new Borderlands game since the second was released, surely this ‘thing’ can only be the next game in the series.

Of course this is still only a rumour but it has been five years since Borderlands 2 so it is about time Gearbox kicked into gear.

The fact that Pitchford has previously shown off a tech test of the engine that will power the next game in the shoot ‘n’ loot series also just adds to the rumours.

Nothing official has been said yet but we don’t think we will have to wait long for an announcement.