Borderlands 3 Writer Wants To Work On More Tales From The Borderlands

by : Ewan Moore on : 30 Aug 2019 12:18
Borderlands 3 Writer Wants To Work On More Tales From The BorderlandsBorderlands 3 Writer Wants To Work On More Tales From The BorderlandsTelltale Games

Tales From The Borderlands was one of the better episodic point and click adventures to come out of Telltale Games. An anarchic romp set in one of gaming’s most interesting worlds, it also had one of the best “shoot outs” in any game ever. If you know, you know. 


It’s a shame then, that we never actually got a sequel. When Telltale Games closed its doors suddenly and unexpectedly towards the end of 2018, it seemed as if the dream of a second season of Tales From The Borderlands was well and truly dead – but two recent developments suddenly make a follow up a much more likely prospect.

Firstly, as you may well have already heard, Telltale Games has been revived. While it’s effectively a brand new studio using the old name, the new custodians of Telltale have said they intend to continue the work of the old studio, with brand new IPs planned in addition to sequels for some of the existing Telltale stories.

It’s not entirely clear which franchises Telltale still has the rights to and which ones it’d need to renegotiate, but it’s not beyond the realms of possibility that the new Telltale could work with Borderlands publisher 2K Games on a Tales From The Borderlands revival.


Following on from the news of Telltale’s revival, Sam Winkler – one of the lead writers on Borderlands 3 – has expressed interest in writing a second season of Tales From The Borderlands.

Winkler told ComicBook.com:

I would love to pickup where Tales from the Borderlands Season 1 left off. There’s so many unsolved threads there, and even though we brought some characters into Borderlands 3, there’s still a lot of question marks.

The writer added that he’s a “die-hard fan” of Tales From The Borderlands, and even peppered a number of cheeky references to the Telltale game in the upcoming Borderlands 3. He joked;  “I inserted some winks and nods that are probably going to drive some fan wiki articles.”

Telltale Games

This new incarnation of Telltale Games is still in its infancy, so it’ll likely be a while before we get any official announcements regarding whatever titles it has planned, but new seasons of Tales From The Borderlands and The Wolf Among Us are no longer the impossible dream they were last week – and that’s wonderful.

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