Bounty Contracts Return To Call Of Duty: Warzone

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 May 2020 15:49
Bounty Contracts Return To Call Of Duty: WarzoneBounty Contracts Return To Call Of Duty: WarzoneActivision

Mere days after the last one, there’s another update for Call of Duty: Warzone. It’s worth it, though because bounty contracts are back. 

As part of a mid-season three update, Activision replaced bounties with Most Wanted contracts – a self-bounty of sorts that put a hit out on yourself. If you managed to survive, it came with an immense payout: wads of cash and instant redeployment for your Gulag-battered teammates.


The reaction to this addition wasn’t kind, and for good reason. When you took the contract, a teeny tiny red crown appeared on the mini map, jolting every few seconds in time with your movements. As it was so minuscule to other players, squads could easily hide and get all their mates back. No more – they’ve been chucked out in a new update.

A fresh update for Warzone has gone live today, so you best let your pals know ahead of entering the battlefield tonight. Along with the re-addition of bounty contracts – which allow you and your team to to brutally hunt down an enemy player – a bug involving custom loadouts not appearing in matches has been fixed.

Redditor Fortnitexs wrote of the initial change: ‘It‘s a change to help the casuals again.. this game is so noob friendly it’s insane. Good players go for bounty contracts to chase kills so the camping noobs are getting killed. With this new change they can stay hidden and camp their way to a win.’

Call of Duty: WarzoneCall of Duty: WarzoneActivision

There’s nothing quite as frustrating as players who camp their way through the entire game, either landing directly in the middle of the circle to shack up atop a building or courting the circle for the whole time.

Bounty contracts act as a check and balance for Warzone‘s more hesitant soldiers, encouraging people to storm dangerous areas and in return, gain loot, money and experience from a well-earned kill. Most Wanted eliminated that reward – thankfully, the team at Activision are keen listeners.

Call of Duty WarzoneCall of Duty WarzoneActivision

This week’s earlier 15GB update was a bit of a ball-ache. As well as changes to Modern Warfare‘s multiplayer, developers looked at ‘the speed and sizing’ of Warzone‘s circle – the dread-inducing gas that continually forces players to move throughout the game.

Occasionally, it moves so fast you can’t outrun it, leading to ultra-embarrassing and frustrating deaths. The effects of the update aren’t entirely clear yet – after my second place loss last night due to the final circle zeroing in on an impossible area at the quarry, I think there’s still some serious work to be done – anything to avoid admitting I’m shit at the game.

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