Burglars Make Off With £52,000 Worth Of Magic The Gathering Cards


Early Sunday morning, around 1am, two men decided to break into Austin videogame store Pat’s Games. They promptly made off with around £52,000 ($75,000) worth of Magic: The Gathering cards.

Using a water meter key, the two men (who have yet to be identified by the police) managed to rip the front door off, and proceeded to help themselves to valuable cards from the store display cases.


Fortunately, security cameras were on hand to catch the criminals in the act, and at one point you can get a pretty good look at one of their faces. Store owner Pat Johnson hopes that thanks to the story and security images going viral, they’ll be tracked down sooner or later.

Johnson also surmises that the culprits were probably Magic players themselves, because it didn’t take them long to track down and nab the most expensive cards in the joint.

Austin police are on the case, and have actually taken one member of their staff off his regular gig doing residential burglaries because he’s a Magic player. Hopefully a little insider knowledge will go a long way.