Burnout Devs Begin Work On New Driving Game


The former director of Burnout, Alex Ward, has confirmed via Twitter that he’s started work on a brand new driving game. 

The message was short and sweet (as is the way of Twitter) so very little is known right now – but the fact that some of the old team behind the hit destructive racing franchise are getting back to what they do best is reason enough to get excited.


Ward will be working on the title with Fiona Sperry, who was also part of Burnout developer Criterion Games. The pair left to build a new indie studio called Three Fields Entertainment back in 2014.

Three Fields first game was a bizarre title called Dangerous Golf, which was essentially to golf what Burnout is to driving: make as much chaos as you possibly can, or you lose.

Three Fields said of Dangerours Golf prior to release:

It’s as serious a golf game as Burnout was a serious simulation to driving games. We wanted to mix the attitude of Burnout with the destruction of Black, whilst setting the golf ball on fire–a nod to NBA Jam. This type of gameplay is part of our DNA, and something we think our fans will truly enjoy.

With ridiculous destruction confirmed to be a part of Three Fields’ DNA, I reckon it’s safe to assume that its mysterious new driving game will have way more in common with Burnout than those other boring racing games that make you drive properly.