Call Of Duty 2017 Dev Breaks Silence, Says It’ll Make You Go ‘Nuts’

by : Ewan Moore on : 20 Feb 2017 11:05

It’s fair to say that there’s a lot riding on Call of Duty 2017. Frankly, the franchise hasn’t been giving the fans what they want for years, and Infinite Warfare was something of a breaking point. 


Publisher Activision recently admitted that Infinite Warfare didn’t perform in the way that they’d hoped, and confirmed that the next COD would return to a more traditional setting.

Of course, fans of the franchise have been hoping Call of Duty would do away with all the futuristic/sci-fi influences for a while now, so do we have reason to be excited for 2017’s installment? Developer Sledgehammer Games seems to think so.

Sledgehammer Games boss Glen Schofield recently discussed the studio’s upcoming offering – while he can’t go into any detail without Activision taking him away in the dead of night, it’s clear that he’s super excited for what’s coming.


Over Twitter, Schofield reiterated the return to ‘boots on the ground’, and said that if he can’t talk soon he might just ‘implode’, while claiming it’s Sledgehammer Games’ best COD yet.

The last two Call of Duty titles from Sledgehammer were Modern Warfare 3 (2011), and Advanced Warfare (2014).

Given the near universal fan disgust that met the release of Infinite Warfare, you have to imagine that Schofield is so confident because he knows this time the fans are getting exactly what they want.

It was previously rumoured that COD 2017 could focus on the Vietnam War, which could make for a tense, engaging, and oftentimes claustrophobic setting.

Given that Sledgehammer Games were in fact at one point working on a COD with that very setting, I’d put good money on Vietnam being the way forward.

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