Call Of Duty Developers Confirm Update To Balance The Guns Currently Ruining The Game

by : Daniel Richardson on : 06 Jan 2021 11:14
Call Of Duty Developers Confirm Update To Balance The Guns Currently Ruining The GameActivision/aaxwL/YouTube

Call of Duty: Warzone has had some issues of late, as players have felt certain weapons give the opposition an unfair advantage. Raven Software is now responding to the outcry from fans. 

The battle royale genre is incredibly popular, and Call of Duty: Warzone has a huge player base thanks to its familiar mechanics the wekk-known formula. However, many players became frustrated with overpowered weapons on the free-to-play game.


The DMR 14 rifle was a newly-introduced weapon that was causing a lot of annoyance due to its power, fire rate and minimal recoil. The result of the new and powerful weapon has been a lot of fans critiquing the game after they experienced an unfair loss.

Many online games require updates to reach the right balance of weapons and mechanics. It seems that the developer of Warzone, Raven Software, will now revisit the weapons in the game in order to keep it competitive and enjoyable for its large player base.


While Raven Software hasn’t given a specific date, the company has let players know that it intends to update the weapons in the game soon.

The dual pistols have proved popular, but they also appear to be overpowered in the context of other weapons in the game. As a result, they will also be nerfed alongside other weapons.

Much like the old Akimbo Snakeshot .357 pistols, the double Diamatts have the quickest time to kill out of any of the close-range guns that are available in the game. With this in mind, the effectiveness of the gun will likely be decreased, and similar issues will be addressed with the other guns that are considered overpowered.


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The Mac 10 and Type 63 will also have their power reduced because they are far superior to other guns in their respective classes. The Mac 10 has quickly become a popular SMG as it has more stopping power than the other guns in its class. Equally, Type 63 has raised some eyebrows because of the damage that the rifle delivers.

Previously, Warzone has received frequent updates that have addressed the issues players face. It seems that Raven Software intends to continue these frequent rollouts in an attempt to provide a steady stream of content and a happy player base. With this in mind, players may want to be careful before they next pick up a DMR as it may not be as devastating as it has been in recent weeks.

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