Call of Duty: Ghosts II Potentially Teased By Infinity Ward

Infinity Ward

2019 is a year that ends in a number, which we all know means Activision is gearing up to reveal and release another Call of Duty game – the sixteenth in the series, in fact.

Following the huge success of Treyarch’s own Black Ops 4, one would imagine there’s a certain sense of pressure over at Activision for the publisher to keep the iconic FPS franchise’s momentum going.


We know that Call of Duty 2019 is being developed by Infinity Ward – the first COD from the studio since 2016’s divisive Infinite Warfare – but what exactly are they cooking up?

A recent Tweet from Infinity Ward Comms Manager Ashton Williams provides a very intriguing tease as to what this new game could be, with many assuming that it means a sequel to 2013’s Ghosts (also developed by Infinity Ward) is imminent.

The original Ghosts was one of Call of Duty’s first forays into slightly more adventurous and fantastical waters, so how you feel about this news depends on how you feel about that kind of COD game, I guess.

When Ghosts released back in 2013 it wasn’t exactly met with the warmest welcome from fans. Set nearly a decade after a mass global event, the game was more dystopian science fiction thriller than the boots on the ground, realistic COD we were used to up till that point.

Still, fan opinion seems to have mellowed on Ghosts as time has passed, with many praising Infinity Ward for taking the franchise somewhere different. Hopefully the time is right to have another crack at a genuinely promising concept.

Activision tends to formally announce Call of Duty games around April/May, so we should probably expect to hear something more official then. Take everything else with a pinch of salt for now, of course.