Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare Trolls Players With Playlist On Most-Hated Map

by : Cameron Frew on : 01 Apr 2020 19:11
Call of Duty Modern Warfare PiccadillyCall of Duty Modern Warfare PiccadillyActivision

This year, Call of Duty planted an April Fool’s Day doozy: a 24/7 playlist on Modern Warfare‘s worst map. 

CoD has been getting record numbers of late with more than 30 million finessing their skills on Warzone, the latest battle royale obsession.


Of course, regular Modern Warfare multiplayer is still getting swathes of players. To celebrate the most mischievous day of the year, Infinity Ward’s final Season Two update has a smidge of anarchy.

Call of Duty Modern Warfare Piccadilly 2Call of Duty Modern Warfare Piccadilly 2Activision

It’s not all a big troll. Right now, you can dive into some Cyber Attack Pro (super fast-paced with the need to revive teammates removed) and a 3v3 Snipers Only version of Gunfight.

However, you’ll also notice a playlist titled ‘I Have Trust Issues’ – taking its namesake from ‘I Have Rust Issues’, a playlist eternally rotating different modes solely on Rust, Modern Warfare 2‘s classic map which has since been added to the recent title.


When you hover over the playlist, text appears reading: ‘Totally Shipment. Come on in. But just so you know, if you quit, there’s a penalty.’ Of course, it’s not Shipment. The reality is horrendous: a 24/7 playlist on Piccadilly, Modern Warfare‘s most criminally sh*t map.

Some players clocked onto the joke immediately, others tried to warn the developers that they’d made an error. One user angrily wrote: ‘Why put in a playlist that says it’s only shipment, but have it turn out to be only Piccadilly? Stop mislabelling things in the game!’


However, another user tweeted: ‘Infinity Ward is making fun of their own map. The Call of Duty community hates Piccadilly and the devs are having fun with it. Now that’s funny and a solid April’s Fools joke.’

The playlist carnage doesn’t stop at Piccadilly – there’s another one, titled ‘COD Players Only Want One Thing’. This time, you’re spawned into Shipment, a notoriously titchy map – however, instead of the already crammed 6v6, this is a 10v10. I feel stressed at the prospect.

Despite this madness, it’s a good time to jump into Modern Warfare. This weekend, players will be able to level up rapidly thanks to a Double XP everything event (encompassing traditional multiplayer and Warzone).


If playing with all these other people doesn’t seem appealing to you, but you still want your Call of Duty fix, worry not. Modern Warfare 2’s campaign has been given a fresh lick of paint, with a full remaster available on PS4 now (available on Xbox One and PC at the end of April).

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