Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare’s 250GB Size Is Too Big For PCs

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Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare's 250GB Size Is Too Big For PCsActivision

The hefty size of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare is officially too big for 250GB SSDs.

Since its launch last year, and particularly after Warzone’s release in March, Modern Warfare has proved to be an absolute beast to maintain, whether you’re on console or PC.


In August this year, the game’s PC file size soared to 227GB. Now, despite widespread complaints and fears over its surging mass, gamers’ 250GB SSDs will no longer contain the title, and won’t update if you have one.

@BattleNonSense first reported the issue on Twitter, posting a screenshot of their SSD storage and an error message requesting for more space. It’s since racked up more than 5,000 likes, with plenty of angry replies about the state of Modern Warfare’s PC upkeep.

One user wrote: ‘That’s why I’m never going to buy new CODs including Cold War. Modern Warfare was a waste of money. It would be good if split up, I would come back to MP but Activision don’t care. Just wait for Cyberpunk.’


Another replied: ‘A better request would be to compress your f*cking games. Like god damn, they really don’t have to take 25 to 100% of our drives (depending on what most of us have).’

A third added: ‘I assume it’s coded like this to squeeze every inch of performance out of the 2013 models of consoles, then not optimized for more powerful hardware because it’s CoD and hard disk optimization isn’t something enough people care about to be worth Activision’s time.’

Call of Duty Warzone GulagActivision

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For those on PS4 and Xbox One, players are able to install and uninstall specific parts of the game – the single player campaign, multiplayers, Special Ops and Warzone, for example – to rid their respective hard drives of the game’s bulky memory. Unfortunately, such an option hasn’t been made available to PC gamers.

Following the launch of Season Five, the game’s production director Paul Haile tweeted: ‘It’s a priority for us to keep working on reducing the overall size of MW & WZ on your hard drives, but at the same time also delivering new seasons for everyone to enjoy. We’ll continue to work on this and keep pushing space reductions out with future updates.’

Call of Duty: WarzoneActivision

For context, huge titles like Red Dead Redemption 2, Grand Theft Auto V and The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt don’t even approach Modern Warfare’s size.


Season Seven will be here before we know it, and while PC gamers can reinstall the game to reduce its size a little, it’ll inevitably burst beyond the SSDs again unless the developers take urgent action.

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