Call Of Duty Player Forgets Mic Is On, Serenades Teammates With Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’


This video uploaded to YouTube is so perfect you couldn’t really make it up. An unknown crooner serenading his COD teammates with a silky smooth version of Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’.

In the very bizarre but oddly serene clip, YouTuber Sinj managed to record one of the guys on his team singing way, way out of tune to the tearjerker. Nothing offsets reckless carnage like a bit of Coldplay after all.

The text before the video reads:

So I was playing Call of Duty when this guy started singing Coldplay’s ‘Fix You’ with his mic plugged in, which he didn’t even realise. I wasn’t having a very good game and was getting frustrated. I [almost] muted him at one point, and almost rage quitted at another but this guy’s beautiful singing kept me going… So naturally I added the instrumental and here we are.

Fair play Sinj, you’ve completely made my night.