Call Of Duty: Warzone Gets Incredible 50v50 Mode In Huge Season 4 Update

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Gets Incredible 50v50 Mode In Huge Season 4 UpdateActivision

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare and Warzone Season Four is here, and you know what that means: another huge update. 

Since the now-empirical battle royale launched in March, the latest Call of Duty title has attracted a fair degree of controversy for its outrageous updates. Time and time again, massive patches arrive and continue to clog up gamers’ hard drives.


However, while season four brings another mighty update, there’s some spectacular new content. Over on Modern Warfare’s multiplayer, classic MW2 map Scrapyard has returned. But it’s Warzone that’s most exciting. Did someone say… 50v50?

Before we dive into the tasty details, let’s get the annoying part out of the way: on PlayStation 4, you’ll need 32.5GB free space; on Xbox One, you’ll need 44.3GB; on PC, players who own Modern Warfare will need 45GB, while those only using Warzone‘s free-to-play mode will require 39.6GB.

However, it’s not all gloom and doom for your poor storage; the developers have worked to compress the assets, so while you’ll need all that space to download the update, it’ll only take up an extra 4GB when it’s done.


Right, let’s unpack this bad boy. On Warzone, the standard modes are all there plus a brand new mode, called Warzone Rumble. Instead of individuals facing off against 149 other players, this pits two teams of 50 against each other in a mega-team deathmatch in Verdansk, complete with custom loadouts, vehicles, and quick respawns (a bit like Ground War, but better).

In-game events have also been added to Warzone, such as fire sales, in which buy station items are drastically reduced in price or even free, whether it be precision airstrikes, custom loadouts or self-revives. There’s also supply helicopters, which will randomly arrive over the map carrying a bunch of immense loot, but it’ll take a fair whack of rockets and firepower to bring it down.


Only one in-game event will happen in every match, but they’ll arrive with no prior warning. Of all the possibilities, jailbreaks sound the craziest; a random moment in a match when all players who haven’t been successful in Verdansk get a second chance.

This is what you can expect from jailbreaks, according to CharlieINTEL

Whether you were waiting for your 1v1 in the Gulag, or had been relegated to a spectator, now you’ll have another chance. You will get a one-minute notice before a Jailbreak event happens to find additional armor or secure a weapon for your returning teammates.

Jailbreak events can occur any time during the middle game of a battle royale match, so it maybe worth it to spectate, just in case. Be mindful that when a Jailbreak occurs, it’s not just your teammates that are coming back, but tons of additional enemies.


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Over on Modern Warfare, Scrapyard is back in the game with a 24/7 mode, much like Shipment and Shoot House, as well as Trench Mosh Pit (2v2), Blueprint Gunfight and Barakett Promenade being added to Ground War.

Boot up your consoles or computers and get that update installed. Enough mucking about, it’s time to head to the Warzone.

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