Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Hearing Strange Noises In Verdansk

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Are Hearing Strange Noises In VerdanskActivision

Across Call of Duty: Warzone’s map, players are hearing rather strange noises – something big is brewing in Verdansk. 

Activision’s battle royale sensation has been racking up players for around two months now. As millions log on every day to shoot their way towards that evasive victory, soldiers have been noticing very peculiar sounds echoing in different areas.


If you stroll over to the Dam, Quarry or Prison areas of Verdansk, three of its four corners, there’s a good chance you’ll hear what sounds like howling wolves beneath you or behind concrete. It’s pretty eerie and shouldn’t be ignored – who or what is coming to Warzone?

You can check out the haunting sounds in the short clip below: 

It’s important to note that curiosity surrounding the direction Warzone could be heading in has been surging for a number of weeks. In addition to the wolves, there’s the closed-off bunkers, seemingly pointless key cards, laptops which require an unknown password and ringing telephones.


Also, if you take a visit to the game’s official website, a small number of areas have been marked as ‘CLASSIFIED’. Funnily enough, those sections are quite close to where the wolves can be heard. (This should be the point where you twirl your moustache.)

Call of Duty Bunker DoorsActivision

The access cards sprinkled across the map appear to be linked to the bunkers, but right now they serve no immediate function. However, this hasn’t stopped the fan-base from theorising – could we soon fight zombies in Verdansk?

Particularly with the wolves, there’s clearly some strange happenings going on underground across the map. One user wrote: ‘What if those bunkers in Warzone are actually the spawns for the zombies… new zombie mode?’ Another commented: ‘Sounds like when the bunkers open, some canine beasts, zombie or otherwise will be coming out!’


Call Of Duty: Warzone Reveals Brand New WWII Map

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The more likely possibility is that the bunkers will be special locations for high-tier loot, similarly to Apex Legends and Fortnite. It would make sense – if you manage to find one of the limited key cards, you can open up the bunkers and gain access to a legendary armoury. But that doesn’t really explain the wolves, does it?

Verdansk is already massive, but opening up the vaults to vast underground sections would really spice up the gameplay, particularly as the storm rolls in. Tactical nukes aren’t currently available in Warzone… perhaps the vaults will the see the addition of the infamous killstreak as they will allow players a place to hide.


Either way, it’s an exciting time to be playing Warzone. Looks like the battlefield is about to get even tastier.

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