Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Discover Black Ops Easter Eggs Pointing To Season Four Crossover


Call Of Duty: Warzone Players Discover Black Ops Easter Eggs Pointing To Season Four CrossoverActivision

Call of Duty fans are convinced season four will be a crossover between Warzone and Black Ops after spotting Easter eggs in the game. 

A number Easter eggs were discovered in Warzone recently, after mysterious bunkers in the game opened up, revealing Black Ops teasers.


The well known RC-XD frame was found sitting on a table in a shack to the west of the prison, alongside a collection of old computers, offering a nod to both Black Ops and Cold War.

On top of these Easter eggs, dataminers spotted a U-2 spy plane, expected to fly over the map at random intervals. Of course, Black Ops fans will know the spy plane was a killstreak in the original game.

The Easter eggs are no accident of course, but instead are part of Activision’s plan to reveal Call of Duty 2020 through Warzone. While the discoveries themselves build anticipation, fans believe the Black Ops references are also intended to mark a crossover between the two series.


The news is particularly meaningful as developers Infinity Ward and Treyarch typically keep titles separate, with each game having its own specific features, characters and technology.

The decision to intertwine Warzone and Black Ops follows the success of Warzone, which comes as a standalone, free game and acts as the base of Call of Duty’s battle royale operations.

In the upcoming season, players anticipate the Warzone dam will burst, that there may be a nuclear strike, and that there may even be an entirely new map coming to the game.


Though speculation is rife, fans likely won’t have long to wait to see what season four has in store, as it’s expected to launch soon after the end of season three, which is set for June 2.

Activision released a teaser for the upcoming season this week on the official Activision blog, where a typical-looking article is interrupted by a ‘top secret’ message. As well as introducing the new season, the teaser appears to hint at the new Call of Duty game, Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War.

The message alerts readers to the discovery of a potentially deadly weapon found underground in Warzone’s Verdansk map.


It reads in part:

Operator teams are already identifying where this weapon is, but at the time of transmission, we do not know if they have been granted full access to its location.

We have successfully disrupted AQ communications and have wiretapped their calls. Unfortunately, they have countered our efforts with scramblers.

The calls are now going to multiple hardlines in Verdansk. Listen closely to what they are saying during these transmissions, and brush up on your Russian – you might need it.

The message goes on to suggest the holding area containing the ‘prototype’ opens via marked telephones, and that the access code changes frequently. It urges players to be wary of AQ sleeper agents spreading false codes on videos and social media, stressing they ‘are not viable for completing this mission’.


The weapon is thought to be a custom-built submachine gun, though players might have to wait for the season four’s release to know for sure.

It’s unclear what else Activision has in store for its upcoming release, but hopefully it will be worth the wait.

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