Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Removes Helicopters After Players Discover Cheat

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Call Of Duty: Warzone Update Removes Helicopters After Players Discover CheatActivision

Don’t expect to hop into Call of Duty: Warzone and soar across Verdansk’s skies – helicopters have been removed in a new update. 

Vehicular-based deaths make for some of the most frustrating demises in Warzone. One second you’re strolling between the Military Base and Quarry, the next you’re mowed down by an armoured truck.


There’s immense fun to be had in taking a helicopter for a spin, picking off people from above or slicing and dicing unwitting sky-divers. However, thanks to the mass exploitation of an annoying glitch, the developers have disabled them until further notice.

Basically, squads discovered a little glitch that allows them to jump into a helicopter and somehow get under the map. Essentially allowing teams of players to travel underground, they can’t be hurt from above, but they can shoot any players they see. Essentially, they’re completely invincible.

This exploit started off small, but as word spread about mysterious gunfire from under the map, more and more squads started trying it. Can you imagine anything quite as frustrating as being in the final circle and coming second due to some b*stards undearneath?


Fortunately, helicopters will make their return at some point – this is only a temporary removal while the folks at Infinity Ward rectify the glitch.

While we all continue to indulge our Warzone obsession – with more than 60 million players joining the game since its launch on March 10 – it’s easy to forget there’s actually a brand-new Call of Duty game on the way for the tail-end of this year.


Daniel Alegre, President of Activision Blizzard, said during this week’s earnings call: 

Looking ahead, the next premium release for Call of Duty already looks great and remains on track for release later this year.

The franchise has never been better positioned for growth and there’s more to come, including entirely new experiences within the Modern Warfare universe and then of course, in Q4 this year, a new premium Call of Duty release which is already generating excitement in our playtests.

There’s no confirmed details regarding Call of Duty 2020, although rumours suggest it could be a gritty reboot of the Black Ops series, similar to Modern Warfare (which has also sold more copies and has more players ‘than any prior Call of Duty title at this point after its release’, as per Video Games Chronicle).


As well as the removal of helicopters, the patch also replaced Plunder Trios with Blood Money Trios, with Double XP, 2x Weapon XP, and 2x Tiers also going live.

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Video Games Chronicle
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    New Call of Duty game ‘looks great and on track for release in 2020’

Cameron Frew
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