Can you Crack Battlefield 1’s Easter Egg?


Now that Battlefield 1 is out in the wild and doing very well, people are starting to find some of the weird and wonderful Easter Eggs DICE have hidden away inside the World War 1 shooter.

Battlefield games are pretty well known for having huge and daft Easter Eggs squirrelled away inside them – remember the Megalodon in Battlefield 4? They’re often hard to achieve, but fully worth it when found. Well, it looks like we might be on the cusp of finding something special in Battlefield 1.

As reported by GamesRadar+, in each multiplayer map, there are a pair of headphones that only one player can pick up. When somebody picks it up, it makes a resupply noise. Once the headphones have been picked up, there’s a radio broadcasting a Morse code message. The problem? Nobody has cracked the More code message yet.

At present, that’s all we know. Until the code is cracked, we won’t be able to continue with the puzzle and find what DICE are hiding. The giant shark in BF4 took months to crack, so who knows how close or far we are from this one?

Any Morse coders out there, feel free to give it a crack!