Cancelled Silent Hill Game Footage Surfaces Online

by : Mark Foster on : 16 Sep 2016 12:02

A prototype demo for a cancelled Silent Hill game has surfaced online, showing what could have been a unique new entry for the series.


The footage – graciously tracked down by YouTube channel PtoPOnline – shows that an unnamed Silent Hill game was being planned for release on the PS3 before it got the chop. Presumably because Konami hates fun and its own IPs. Check out the clip for a thorough explanation of what the hell happened below.

The game would have focused around a priest named Father Hector Santos in search of his niece, Ana, who in true Silent Hill style had managed to get herself mixed up in some foggy nonsense. Series antagonist Alyssa was also set to make a return, as she infected the real world with her gruesome mumbo-jumbo, forcing buildings to spring up out of the ground, in midair and under the toilet seat.


The project never got a name but it was supposed to be open world, and would naturally feature some of the game’s classic enemies like creepy nurses and Pyramid Head. It would have also used a blend of classic fixed cameras and Resident Evil 4 style over the shoulder stuff.

Watching the footage, it kind of looks like The Suffering in the way that it was going to blend action sequences and balls-to-the-wall horror.

Although this was eventually shelved as a Silent Hill game, it’s good to know Konami are still pushing ahead with the hotly anticipated Silent Hills. Oh wait.

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