Capcom Announces Resident Evil Development Team Are Working On VR Project


If you haven’t fantasised about being caught up in the middle of a zombie apocalypse, then you can’t call yourself a gaming fan. That’s a scientific fact.

Capcom look set to make that fantasy a (virtual) reality, after announcing that the team behind the Resident Evil franchise – Development Division 1 – has started work on an unspecified VR project. While this isn’t confirmation by any means, people are already beginning to whisper about the possibility of a VR Resident Evil.

Imagine how cool it would be wandering the halls of the infested Spencer mansion in Resident Evil 1 or the streets of Raccoon City in Resident Evil 2, feeling like you’re actually there with a VR headset. Pretty terrifying stuff.

Game Informer

Capcom explain in their annual Integrated Report:

At present, we are focusing our energy on challenging the virtual reality (VR) game market. In this terrifying world, you can twist and turn as you like, but there’s no escaping the creatures closing in on you…until you remove your VR headset and return to reality, that is.

Currently, we are building a new game development engine able to support VR, which is the hottest market right now, while simultaneously developing titles for current game consoles. We have just set sail on our latest voyage.

Having recently confirmed that a Resident Evil 2 remake is in the works, it remains to be seen if Capcom are looking to build a virtual reality feature into the game, though Development Division 1 are known to be working on it.