Cargo Ship Stuck In The Suez Canal Ship Added To Microsoft Flight Simulator

by : Cameron Frew on : 29 Mar 2021 11:14
Cargo Ship That Was Stuck In Suez Canal Added To Microsoft Flight SimulatorDonut_ Enforcement/YouTube

If you like to soar across the skies of Microsoft Flight Simulator, you’ll now be able to see the Ever Given cargo ship stuck in the Suez Canal. 

Gamers have played on plenty of big maps, whether it’s Los Santos in GTA V, Panau in Just Cause 2 or Red Dead Redemption 2’s wild west. But then, not all games are like Microsoft Flight Simulator.


Built on two million gigabytes (two petabytes) of geographical data, with around 196,940,000 square miles at your behest. Between the rivers, landmarks and vast plains, you’ll also be able to see Evergreen’s 200,000-tonne, 400m-long Ever Given lodged in the canal.

Mat Velloso, a technical advisor to Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella, shared a TikTok on Twitter (from @donut_enforcement) showing the container ship stuck in-game. ‘Microsoft flight sim 2020 is savage,’ the video reads.

It comes courtesy of a mod created by Zepingouin35, rather than Microsoft updating the game itself. It’s available to download at Flightsim.to, with 1,207 people already adding it to their worlds so far. After less than a week, it’s the second video game iteration of the viral ship.


Responding to the add-on, one user wrote: ‘Can you crash the plane into it to blow open the passageway?’ Another wrote: ‘Flying over the Suez Canal in Microsoft Flight Simulator so I can see what’s going on over there. Hitting the ship with the plane to see if it moves.’

While there’s still no firm timeline on when the ship will be fully freed, the Suez Canal Authority said its course has been corrected by 80%, with efforts expected to continue today, March 29.

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