Chappie Creator And Respawn Both Want The Character In Apex Legends

EA/Sony Pictures

As Apex Legends continues to go from strength to strength, District 9 creator and Elysium director Neill Blomkamp has expressed a desire to see his other creation Chappie enter the battle royale. 

For those that don’t know, Chappie is a robot gangster from the 2015 film of the same name. If you’ve seen it, you probably loved it. If you haven’t seen it, go watch it. It’s awesome.

Sony Pictures

What with Chappie already bearing some kind of resemblance to Apex Legend’s robot character Pathfinder, a lot of fans have been asking about the possibility of a Chappie skin for it.

Blomkamp said he’d very much be down for something like that, and Respawn boss Vince Zampella swiftly took to Twitter to confirm that Respawn would also be behind it.

So…. I guess that’s pretty much all the permission Respawn need to get Chappie in the game? I’m not entirely sure how these things work, but if both studio and creator are okay with it, I can’t imagine there are many more hurdles to overcome in making it a reality.

There’s also the fact that Blomkamp recently worked with publisher EA on a stunning Anthem short, so he’s clearly on good terms with the company who makes all the big decisions regarding Apex Legends.

In other Apex Legends news, a number of intriguing new possibilities were uncovered by a dataminer, including potential six, 12, and 24 man modes, and the tantalising tease of Titanfall Titans coming to the game at some point.