Check Out Battlefield 1’s Cool DLC Concept Art

by : Ewan Moore on : 20 Dec 2016 09:27

Following an earlier tease, EA has now shared even more images of the upcoming They Shall Not Pass expansion for Battlefield 1


The company shared a series of ‘concept exploration images’ in a new blog post, where the team also discussed the real-world battle that the expansion is based on.

It should be pointed out that the maps represent DICE’s vision for the new areas, but are not yet final.


They Shall Not Pass is set during the Battle of Verdun in France. DICE say roughly 1 million shells were fired during the early stages of the battle alone.

The conflict also resulted in a number of forest fires, so expect the final maps to include trees engulfed in flames – that’s sure to make a truly atmospheric setting for all manner of battles.

Samogneux village – which was destroyed by war – will be the main feature of one of the maps, while another will take place inside Fort Vaux.

Another map will focus on a battlefield ripped apart by artillery shells – of which around 40 million were fired during the entirety of the Battle of Verdun – while DICE also teased that at least one map will feature underground fortresses.

We don’t know exactly how many new maps are coming in this Battlefield 1 expansion yet, but we can expect them along with a number of new weapons and dog tags in March 2017.

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