Check Out New Watch Dogs 2 Trailer ‘Welcome To San Francisco’


Ubisoft have showcased a new trailer for their upcoming sequel to Watch Dogs, cunningly entitled Watch Dogs 2.

The new trailer introduces us to the digital world of San Francisco where the game is set. It shows us the various districts which can be visited, such as San Francisco, Marin County, Silicon Valley, and Oakland. Check it out below.

The trailer also shows off the some of the modes of transport you’ll be hopping aboard and consequently crashing into things with. Try out boats, quadbikes, dirtbikes and regular ol’ cars as you cause havoc across the city.

While the city of San Francisco looks undeniably breathtaking, I’m personally holding out for Watch Dogs 3 to be set in the thriving urban metropolis of Norwich or Lincoln. It’s easy to make San Fran look great, but could Ubisoft do the same with the Brayford or Steep Hill? I doubt it.


Watch Dogs 2 will be heading to Xbox One and PS4 on November 15, while a PC version of the game has been slightly delayed. We recently got a chance to play the game, and you can see our thoughts on it right here.