Check Out This Gorgeous Battlefield 1 Concept Art



Battlefield 1’s WWI setting might mean we’ll be dealing with an awful lot of muddy brown trenches and war torn fields, but this incredible concept art makes it all far prettier than it has any right to be.

EA had concerns that their “younger consumers” wouldn’t have even know what Word War I was, so maybe those nippers can take a look at these images and start getting clued up.

I mean, “younger consumers” shouldn’t even be allowed to buy or play an 18 rated game, but clearly EA don’t give a fuck. Let’s continue…


Of course, EA had their concerns that the younger audience wouldn’t know what a boat was. Anyone under 13 travels exclusively by Wi-Fi these days, as we all know.

Battlefield 1 is set to include a number of vehicles – everything from boats and biplanes to horses and blimps. I’m hoping we can ride a horse on a blimp, but it’s not likely.


Standing on planes and riding in a hot air balloon to bring death? If the gameplay ends up reflecting the concept art, we’re definitely in for a treat.

Then again, we’re in for a treat regardless – It’s shaping up to be a pretty special game, let’s be honest.



Here we have a brave soldier fighting for his country and putting the washing out. And they say men can’t multitask.

We’ll be getting a load more info on Battlefield 1 during E3. EA are set to host a massive 64 player death match, so I imagine we’ll be getting our best look at the game yet, with a hearty mix of vehicles and weapons.