Check Out This Incredible Star Wars Dogfight Shot With Drones


If you like Star Wars, dogfights, and drone shot footage, then CorridorDigital’s latest video will be right up your alley.

The YouTube channel has created a classic Star Wars dogfight of their own, featuring a Rebel X-Wing and three Tie Fighters. All of the aerial footage was shot using a drone, lending a lovely physicality to proceedings.


I should point out that Corridor didn’t create the film entirely on their own. They actually had help from the excellent Rotor Riot, who Corridor have hailed as “the best drone pilots”.

I’d certainly recommend checking out more of both channels’ work if you get a chance.

Of course, while the visuals alone are genuinely impressive, the whole thing would feel flat without the iconic Star Wars sound effects – the video does not disappoint.

Not only are we treated to some wonderful John William’s music, there’s also a painstaking attention to detail in the static over the Stormtrooper comms, the laser sounds, and R2’s frantic beeps and boops. All of it contributes to an authentic feeling Star Wars experience.

Anyway, I strongly suggest you check the video out for yourself below. It’s well worth a few minutes of your time, and a day without Star Wars is pretty much a day wasted.

If you’re left wanting more, you can also check out an informative “behind the scenes” video, courtesy of samandniko.

You can find that just below, and discover that fucking about with drones all day isn’t all fun and games – though for the most part it definitely is.

This is far from the only impressive Star Wars fan video of course. In the last few months we’ve had an outstanding Darth Maul tribute, and an amusing Mario Kart mashup, both of which are worthy of your time.