Check Out Uncharted’s Gorgeous Locations In Real Life

Madagascar - Uncharted

The Uncharted series just wouldn’t be what it is without globe-hopping, treasure hunting fun. I mean, if Nathan Drake could just look under his sofa and find an ancient artefact worth millions, the games would barely be worth playing.

Take a look below at some real world photographs to see how Uncharted’s in-game efforts hold up in comparison (spoiler; pretty great).


London - Uncharted 2

Nathan Drake visited London back in Uncharted 3, where he spent most of his time sneaking through the underground and killing guards with all the mercilessness of Solid Snake himself.

All the same, Drake did manage to spend some time above ground taking in the lovely skyline, as you can see above.


Eid al-Adha preparation in Yemen
Yemen - Uncharted 2

Another location seen in Uncharted 3, Drake spent a fair bit of time running through the streets of Yemen in a drug induced fit of paranoia and fear, so I’m not sure how much he got to take in the sights.

Still, it’s a wonderful city. I like to think he went back one day in a strict tourist capacity.


Madagascar - Uncharted 2

Unfortunately neither the real world Madagascar, nor the version in Uncharted 4 feature the lovable talking animals that Dreamworks led me to believe in.

You know what they say in the Madagascar guide books though? Come for the sights, stay for the lost treasure of the infamous pirate Henry Avery.

Istanbul Palace Museum

Istanbul - Uncharted 2

The Istanbul Palace Museum is a large (gorgeous) historical museum located along the Bosporus in Istanbul, Turkey.

You may remember Drake making his way through this location in Uncharted 2 to ‘borrow’ (or steal) a particularly helpful artefact on yet another quest for some super awesome rare treasure.

Amazon Rainforest

Amazon - Uncharted

The Amazon Rainforest appeared in the very first Uncharted title, and is where Drake’s old friend Sully appeared to die for the first of many, many times – and where the duo discovered a rotting Nazi corpse. Ah, memories.

Oh, and I know you might find this hard to believe, but in real life, the Amazon Rainforest doesn’t feature an abandoned Nazi submarine. That we know of.

With Uncharted 4 marking the end of the series (for now at least) it looks like it could be a while – if ever – before we get a chance to take Nathan Drake around the world again.

Still, we can take comfort in the fact that our treasure hunting hero has seen some grand sights in his time – and killed a shit ton of people in every single one of them.