Classic Movies Redubbed With Half-Life Sounds Are Unexpectedly Brilliant

by : Ewan Moore on : 03 Sep 2019 11:46
Classic Movies Redubbed With Half-Life Sounds Are Unexpectedly BrilliantClassic Movies Redubbed With Half-Life Sounds Are Unexpectedly BrilliantWarner Bros/Valve

Have you ever sat down to watch Stanley Kubrick’s claustrophobic horror masterpiece The Shining and thought to yourself; “yeah, this is fine, but it’d be loads better if someone redubbed it with clips of Half-Life“?


If so, I have two things to tell you. One; you’re a bit odd. Two; you’re not alone, strangely enough. YouTuber TheMostUpset has been hard at work editing Half-Life sounds and voices into a number of classic scenes from various movies and TV shows, including The Shining, Back To The Future, and Chernobyl (via PC Gamer).

Take a look at the famous “Here’s Johnny” scene from The Shining below, now with 100% more Half-Life. It works far, far better than it has any right to.

But wait, there’s more! Remember back when the Terminator movies were actually genuinely good and old Arnie swaggered into a police station to absolutely obliterate everyone standing in his way? That was awesome.


Well, it’s even more awesome with Half-Life’s video gamey gunshot and cheesy voice acting sounds inserted in, for some reason. Observe:

Back To The Future is another all-time classic, thanks in large part to the manic energy Christopher Lloyd brought to the part of Marty’s best pal and science whiz Doc Emmett Brown.

I didn’t know I needed to see him overdubbed as a Black Mesa scientist until today, quite frankly.

You can find plenty more gems like the above over on TheMostUpset’s channel (here), including some inspired edits of Final Destination, and the iconic “say hello to my little friend” scene in Scarface. I strongly urge you to check every upload out when you get a chance.

Let’s face it, we’re never getting Half-Life 3, so we might as well enjoy whatever Half-Life content we can get our hands on.

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