Classic PS2 Rockstar Game Coming To PlayStation 4


Rockstar’s classic PlayStation 2 adaptation of The Warriors is now officially available in the form of an HD re-issue for PlayStation 4. 

News of a remaster for the 2005 hit initially leaked via a trophy collection (as reported by PSNProfiles). Soon after, the game made its glorious arrival on the PlayStation Store in Europe (expect a US release soon).

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For those who might not know, The Warriors is Rockstar’s fantastic take on the 1979 film. It deftly blended open world beat’em up style gameplay with a surprisingly accurate take on the original film’s brutal tale of gangland violence.

Don’t expect a ground up remake, as this release is only part of the PS2 Classic series. As such, expect slightly cleaner upscaled 1080p visuals, as well as support for trophy and remote play support.

The Warriors now joins other upscaled (and excellent) Rockstar games Manhunt, Bully, San Andreas, and Vice City on PS4.


If you fancy checking out one of Rockstar’s forgotten gems, I wholeheartedly recommend you pull out your wallet and part with the £12 Sony is asking for.

Hell, even if you’re a fan of the film, but not into videogames this is worth checking out. The game is more of a prequel, set three months before the events of the film, and even features many of the original actors performing the voices of their characters.

A completely overhauled PlayStation 4 remake would have pretty great, but this is an unexpected treat nonetheless.