Come Up With A Slogan For The Mad Box And Bag Free Games For Life

Slightly Mad

Slightly Mad Studios are continuing their fascinating (and public) development of the Mad Box – a new home console to rival the next generation of PlayStation and Xbox devices that they claim will be the most powerful the world has seen. 

In a surprising new move, Slightly Mad CEO Ian Bell has now asked the internet to come up with a catchy slogan for the upcoming console. The best of the bunch will be awarded £10,000 and “free games for life.”

According to Bell, he’s already received some “epic suggestions,” that the studio’s social media team are now busy collating. It’s important to note that Bell didn’t promise the Mad Box’s final slogan would definitely be a crowdsourced suggestion, although it is likely given the “quality of submissions”.

We still don’t actually know that much about the Mad Box, despite the fact that Bell has been all over Twitter hyping up the console. He’s even shared a few cool design concepts for the device.

Bell has previously claimed the console will be the “most powerful ever built” and will support 4k, VR at 60FPS, and have a full engine for free to for other developers to create games on. It’s expected to be priced “competitively” with the PS5 and next Xbox, and will apparently release in the next three years.

But beyond that, the device remains fairly enigmatic. How anyone can come up with a suitable slogan for a console they know nothing about is beyond me, but here are a few suggestions from me anyway:

The Mad Box Does What Nintendon’t 

The Mad Box: Like Other Consoles, But Less Crap

Maybe She’s Born With It, Maybe It’s The Mad Box 

Hungry For Apples?

My Wife Left Me, But I’ve Still Got The Mad Box 

If Slightly Mad just want to send me the ten grand whenever, I accept PayPal or BACS.