Could A Harry Potter Version Of Pokemon GO Be On The Cards?

by : UNILAD on : 17 Jul 2016 17:59

Surely by now you’ve heard of the gaming heroin which is Pokémon GO, right?


It’s just casually taking over the world and making society lose their shit, risk their lives, and stampede in public places to try and catch ’em all.

So imagine how ridiculously popular this phenomenon would be if it it was, say, combined with Harry Potter?

giphy (2)giphy (2)

Well, if these Twitter users have anything to say about it, they want this augmented reality to become actual reality pretty fucking soon.


They envisage the Harry Potter version working in a similar way, but instead of Pokémon, you look for magical beasts and the more you collect, the more spells you can cast. Makes sense, right?


And instead of battling fellow Pokémon trainers at gyms and whatnot, you instead get sorted into a House and duel with other wizards at ‘magic stops’ dotted around your area. Genius!

There were plenty of other ideas to work with too:


The thought of the potential game got a bit too much for some:



Who can really blame them? Imagine stepping outside of your flat and casually encountering magical beasts or horcruxes? That’d be pretty damn cool.

Obviously, nothing is set in stone just yet, but if you combine the insane success of Pokémon GO with the huge popularity of J.K. Rowling’s Harry Potter, there’s clearly something to be had here.


But just for now, I’ll stick to walking miles and miles just to catch a bloody Kabutops…

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