Couldn’t Get A Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition? Now You Can Print One


An absolute hero by the name of Yvo de Haas has uploaded the schematics for people to print their own Collector’s Edition Pip-Boy.

Bethesda announced earlier this week that they wouldn’t be making any more of the sought after item, as they literally couldn’t make any more. Not being one to take any shit, the gamer and 3D printing wizard set about making his own Pip-Boy 3000 Mark IV.


While it won’t have all the features of Bethesda’s Pip-Boy, this fan made one will house some nifty LED lights and have a tape deck (unfortunately, it’s just for show).

Haas outlined the difficulties he had in making the awesome gadget:

The Pip-Boy is already extremely difficult to design with proper reference, but now there is only a teaser trailer and the E3 video. This does not give the kind of reference I usually have.

The obvious pit-fall here is that most people don’t actually have a 3D printer. Bethesda’s Fallout 4 Pip-Boy Collector’s Edition was retailing at £100 which pales in comparison to the price of the high tech machinery. But if you can’t get hold of one on eBay, it’s nice to know there is an alternative.