Crash Team Racing Remaster Reveal Could Be Coming At The Game Awards


New rumblings on that there interweb suggest that the long rumoured Crash Team Racing remaster will finally be unveiled during The Game Awards, coming this Friday, December 7 at the charming time of 1:3am in the UK.

Our suspicions were first aroused when PlayStation Access host Hollie Bennet shared on Twitter that she’d been sent a pair of fuzzy orange dice. The dice came with a message that simply reads “sliding into the game awards 6/12 – anonymous.”

Obviously, this could mean anything, but we’ve taken the fuzzy orange to be a reference to a certain famous Bandicoot, and the dice do resemble the kind of novelty decoration someone might hang in their car.

While this might well be a bit of a stretch, mixed with a dash of wishful thinking, it also put us in mind of another mysterious package, the purple egg which was sent to a number of gaming outlets – including UNILAD – just before the Spyro remaster was announced.


So what do you think? Are we clutching at straws or is this Activision at work teasing the Crash Team Racing remaster we so desperately crave? We’ll find out soon enough.