Crazy Central Park Video Shows Pokémon GO Has Gone Too Far


It’s fair to say Pokémon GO has probably taken over your life by now and if it hasn’t, your friends will probably grind you down until you’re forced to download it. 

In only a matter of days we’ve already seen a shit ton of people get into accidents in their pursuit for the rarest of Pokémon and had Auschwitz , a former Nazi death camp, having to remind players that it’s clearly disrespectful to play the game there.

Auschwitz, Poland.Getty

But if that didn’t convince you that this phenomenon has probably gone too far, this footage just might.

The continuing insanity of the game managed to cause a stampede to form in New York’s Central Park last night, when players came across a rare Eevee evolution, Vaporeon.

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It wouldn’t be an understatement to say that in the grand scheme of the game that Vaporeon’s a pretty big deal, I was chuffed enough just to bag a a rare(ish) Dratini the other day.

So when it was detected at around 11pm it sent the crowd into an absolute frenzy, as they rushed to catch it.

That sad thing is that the word ‘stampede’ isn’t that much of an overstatement, as you can see from the craziness here:

It probably won’t surprise you either that for a game that’s searched more than porn and gets more users than Twitter that this isn’t the first time a massive crowd flocked somewhere to add a rare find to their Pokédex.

Only a couple of days back, people were going nuts in Washington’s Downtown Park after a Squirtle appeared:

What a time to be alive!