Creepy New Game Lets You Rip Donald Trump’s Heart Out

Screen Shot 2016-06-05 at 16.59.38Bossa Studios/YouTube

In some rather good news for those who aren’t a big fan of Donald Trump, there’s now a creepy new game where his fate rests entirely in your hands.

Surgeon Simulator is giving amateur surgeons a great opportunity to ‘Make America Great Again’ by operating on the man who is trying to make all Americans believe that’s truly his goal.

The latest free update by Bossa Studios makes ‘The Donald’ your patient as he goes under the knife for heart surgery. But this big question is, can you save him? And, most importantly, do you really want to?

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Well, from the early stats, it seems not many really want to. As in the first 24 hours of the game going live, only 5,460 surgeries were ‘successful’, while his avatar died the remaining 17,735 times, the BBC reports.

Just in case you actually wanted to win the game, you have to successfully give Trump a heart transplant, using incredibly awkward controls.

_89876090_trumpunderknifeBossa Studios

But you can also apply makeup, or add some Trump vodka, or Trump steak during the procedure. Because, why not?

This awesome update is live on Steam right now and even if you don’t fancy getting stuck in yourself, you can always keep up with how Trump procedures are going on Bossa’s live tracker.

Either way, we expect things to go horribly, horribly wrong.